Recipient Criteria

All women must meet our clinics criteria prior to commencing in vitro egg donation programs.

Clinic criteria for recipients at our clinics includes;

♦ must be less than 50 years old;
♦ healthy and can safely bear the pregnancy;
♦ agree to undertake and pass the required qualification tests, medical and psychological consultations

and has one or more of the following indications;

♦ ovaries are not functioning properly, or that do not have ovaries;
♦ has received cancer treatment as a result of which they have become infertile;
♦ previous treatment with the use of assisted reproductive procedures repeatedly failed;
♦ poor quality eggs and / or embryos in previous assisted reproduction procedures;
♦ low ovarian reserve;
♦ diagnosed with unexplained infertility;
♦ several miscarriages;
♦ diagnosed with premature menopause;
♦ who are in advanced reproductive age and without sufficient number of "good quality" ova;
♦ those who carry genetic diseases or are carriers and are not recommended to have children because of the risk of transmitting the disease to the offspring

Once you are ready to proceed with donor-egg IVF let us know and we will contact you to start the Egg Donation recipient process.

0434 099 919